What We Do


Using traditional and innovative PR and content strategy, not.etc consistently focuses on getting client’s products, strategy and brands known.

The approach is layered; incorporating a variety of mediums through activations, media collaborations, product launches and social media influencers.

Additionally years of experience with stake-holders across media platforms favourably ensures excellent media coverage, strong negotiations for best rates and considered value add.


not.etc is fully invested in our client’s growth and is focused on creating powerful and effective content.

Press images, events, brand narrative, CSR initiatives and collaboration production ensure brands present the best stories with ongoing amplification through a multitude of media channels.

Consistently thinking out the box not.etc ensures client’s content is targeted, considered and easily amplified.


not.etc recognizes that social media plays a key role in the development and expansion of a brand.

Besides providing a footprint of the brand’s activity, social media is also an opportunity to get a message directly to the relevant industries and target market.

not.etc tells a brand’s story through carefully selected images, appropriate and thought-provoking content and keen attention to how the brand will be perceived.

Plus through considered and targeted reporting brand direction can be tailored to specific consumer trends and behaviours, providing valuable feedback for further growth.


not.etc specializes in impactful, unique and targeted product launches and events that are amplify the brand’s narrative to create longstanding impact and favourable press and social coverage.

Working closely with clients to creative innovative concepts and through activations through alignment with the best teams in the industry, not.etc ensures product launches and events tell layered stories with lasting impact.

These can be small, intimate events or large-scale multi-city activations with quantifiable return on investment.


CSR encapsulates the initiatives by a company to take responsibility for its effect on social and environmental wellbeing. Essentially, CSR looks beyond the company profits and focuses on benefiting the greater community. A recent report from Reputation Institute found that 42% of how people feel about a company is based on their perception of its CSR activities. This means that nearly half of a company’s reputation is based on the public’s feelings about what the company is doing to support the community.

not.etc works closely with brands to find authentic and empathetic projects in this field. The agency is particularly passionate about this aspect of managing brands reputation and growth and strongly believes in its value and worth.